Seeing a fertility doctor

It was almost 2 years before we went to see a fertility specialist. I think I may have been in slight denial. Nothing was “wrong with me?”, I was still young and I guess terrified at the prospect of finding out I couldn’t have children.

It was after seeing my gynae for a routine visit that we spoke about it and the decision was made. He said at the age of 30 if I had come to him and said I want to start trying for a baby, he’d have given me some folic acid and said go for it.

But after having tried for 2 years already, regardless of my age, he said it would be wise to see a specialist.

Off I went to see a doctor and she explained the different processes. Feeling positive that I had all these steps ahead of me, I eagerly started my first round of clomid. Clomid is the hormones you take on day 4 to day 8 of your cycle. On day 11 a scan is performed to see the progress of your follicle/s and to access when you should have intercourse.

To cut a long story short, we did 5 rounds of the clomid, giving month 6 a break over the Christmas holidays, after all, just relaxing and not thinking about it might result in a pregnancy.

After another disappointment, we returned from holiday and I mailed my doctor to set up my next appointment.

Automated E-mail reply: As from 1 January 2012 I no longer work here!


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