Down cycle

After a positive month of nice big follicles and my LH rising normally, it feels like everything has come crashing down again,

My sister inlaw, who I love, is pregnant. The news however was so painful, they’re now having their 2nd in less time than the 4 yrs we’ve been trying, it’s going to be torturous to watch. . . I don’t know what to do about family occasions, right now i don’t feel brave enough, I’ll have to somehow get my head around this one.

Today I got the news I’m not pregnant, and so another cycle starts. I hate it as we’re almost wishing our dream holiday in Nov to Morocco away, wanting to hurry up and jump to IVF. I feel helpless right now, like will it ever happen.

I’ve been on the candida diet now for 3 wks, making sure I eat enough and keep within a healthy weight. I’ve not had a glass of wine either and tonight that’s all I feel for.


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