Nobody understands

While I hate to be that person that wallows in grief, the pain is so bad! Besides my amazingly compassionate husband, feeling very alone! Unless you’re going through/been through infertility, people just don’t get the pain. “Chin up” starts getting maddening!

Our doctor said the other day, The Stress of infertility amounts to the same stress as losing a loved one, I can well believe it!

After telling people you’re going through fertility treatments, to be invited to dinner with another pregnant couple is shattering, smiling at story after story of their experience so far. You can’t blame the friends who’ve invited you, people don’t get it, and you can’t expect them to know.

Friends sending you constant photo’s of little Jonny’s new outfit, first step etc  gets ignored and one begins to just want to stay home, avoid all social contact, cause at the moment, no matter what you do, there is a happy, smiley baby couple.

Last Sunday the pain got so bad, just had enough, I turned to the bottle and drank myself into a complete state of black out. Really not the best option when trying to fall pregnant, but the loss, lonliness, longing just took over.

Guess there is a lot of acceptance to be learnt and one has to get out of bed everyday . .  . some days are easier than others!