Everyone is pregnant

As the months went by, slowly close friends and sister in laws started falling pregnant. That first, “I’m pregnant” is like a horrible sinking feeling. When you’re not prepared for it, the flood gates can be opened in a second. It’s a frustrating time as you’re so happy and really want to be happy for them, but you can’t help feel a massive sense of loss, jealousy, sadness, deflation.

And soon Facebook is flooded with scan photos, bare pregnant bellies and announcements. Everyone around you is pregnant and you can’t escape it. it’s like rubbing salt into your wounds. You’re on edge just waiting for the next announcement. Home alone, the tears and anger turn to sobbing and fighting off the urge to throw your beautiful wedding china against the wall.

What you do have to hold onto, are those around you going through the same thing. It’s such a great outlet to talk to someone going through the same thing, it’s like anything in life, cancer, bi-polar etc . . .

Until they fall pregnant. It’s like a double loss. That person you could vent with,   cry with or just have know what you’re dealing with is gone. Once their baby arrives, your chats are over and it’s like you’re forgotten, as they too join the Facebook “look at Jonny smile, fart, hiccup” parade.