Some positivity

I went to the Seeking Motherhood course over the weekend. It was something rather out of my comfort zone, but I really got so much out of it!

I guess the best part was being with women in the same boat, sharing our stories and realizing all your feelings are normal (in fertility world). It makes it less of a lonely place to be.

I had a few “AHA” moments too. Realizing I haven’t been giving this 100%. Something I’ve known but been in denial about! Too scared to give it my all and it still doesn’t work.But I’ve had a sort of shift in my thinking.

So Monday I stopped alcohol and have started the Candida diet. No sugar, wheat, dairy, vinegar. I learned from one of the girls that the clomid can give you Candida, and I have most of the symptoms. Either way, I know I’m going to soon feel amazing and have my body at optimum health for my journey.

We saw our doctor today and I had 2 large follicles and loads of smaller ones, which has been the best news in years! The last 4 months haven’t shown much positivity and I feel like dancing I’m so excited to just have some good news! Holding thumbs! xx


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