The waiting game

So my blood test showed a positive result. The injection caused my LH levels to spike. The nurse said it was a high and so good surge/ovulation.

Should know this week if pregnant or not. Either way, this cycle ended up being a lot more positive than what it was originally looking like. So that’s great!

On Saturday I met the lady I’ll be doing the “Seeking Motherhood” Course with. We had a 2 hour session just for her to be able to understand each individual and their needs. I think the course is going to be great!

I guess at the moment my goal is not only to fall pregnant, but educate those that know someone with infertility and how to act around them.

As Sarah said, it’s not really spoken about and people just don’t know or understand the pain of someone going through infertility.

It’s like I said to my husband last night. If I got Cancer, or my mother died, people would come over with pie, be sensitive as to what they said around you, and certainly not show you photographs of their mom when you just lost yours.

Infertility is no different. The pain is as strong, but you get no pie, everyone showing you pictures of how well Jonny is doing and a, ” Oh, you could always adopt”.

I hope to be able to use my experience to educate and to maybe have someone else going through this, not feel so alone!

Here’s holding thumbs for this week!


2 comments on “The waiting game

  1. Ria says:

    I feel exactly the same way. People have no idea what it means to deal with infertility until they’ve dealt with it. I also hope, eventually, I will be able to help educate people about this. So many people say hurtful and insensitive things, but they have no idea they’re doing it. (And thanks for blogging. It helps with the loneliness.)

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